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What is the cost of having an MRI?  And, how does that compare to other facilities and hospitals?

We get this type of question every day…. 

There is more focus on the rising costs of healthcare in general.

Directly, our costs as an accredited outpatient diagnostic testing facility are actually less than the area hospitals and we are in all of the insurance networks, including Medicare.  If you would like a more accurate price estimate, please give our office a call.  We will give you the amount you will owe on your visit and make payment arrangements if necessary.

In addition, with most insurance plans, it will cost you the insured less to visit an accredited out patient diagnostic facility rather than a hospital.

Indirectly, Gainesville Open MRI is an independently owned, accredited diagnostic testing facility, where there are no physician or hospital investors.  Why is this important to know, and how does it affect the costs?  Well, there are instances in Florida and across the country where Physician utilization (the number of imaging studies ordered by the Physician) has dramatically increased (over-utilization) when the facility is owned by or there is a financial incentive to the physician to refer. 

The insurance companies and Medicare are taking notice of this over-utilization, and are making changes as we speak.  The problem of over-referring can and has occurred, and this is indirectly driving up the cost of your health insurance premiums.

With all of this said, if your doctor refers you for an MRI, Ultrasound or other diagnostic tests, make sure that you are getting this scan from an accredited, independent diagnostic testing facility.  You can be assured that you need this scan and you will be given the best possible service at Gainesville Open MRI.

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